Oceanlink Marine Services considers the importance of the hold preparation and washing of cargo holds prior to loading in order to prevent the possibility of delays, disputes, and claims.

We understand the requirements of ship owners. We also know how important time is and offer a hold cleaning service that is time efficient and tailored both to the vessel’s needs and the cargo to be loaded.

Oceanlink Marine Services cargo hold cleaning company in the marine industry, Oceanlink’s extensive experience in the field ensures that our customers are getting only the best solutions and most durable innovations that will withstand the roughest conditions at sea.

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Cargo Hold Cleaning Standard

We are following Hold Cleanliness Standards and Australian regulatory requirements complying with MARPOL Annex V requirements.

Quick guide for preparing Cargo holds for cleaning prior loading- Cargo ships procedure and guidelines:

  1. The cargo holds to be swept clean, and all traces/remaining of the last cargo to be removed. The extent of cleaning is reliant on the nature of the last cargo. Cargo for example coal will need the holds to be washed before the carriage of a general cargo. Washing is done after the compartment has been swept clean. Before loading the next cargo, adequate drying time is to be allowed.
  2.  Bilges of the cargo hold to be kept clean and dry. Bilge suctions are also to be kept clean and in operational condition. All holes in strum boxes should be clear to allow the passage of water and the lines’ non-return valves seen to be in a working condition.
  3.  Fire detectors to be tested and kept in fully operational condition.
  4. The holds drainage system, as well as tween deck, scuppers to be clear.
  5. Spar ceiling to be examined and seen to be in a good state.
  6.  Steel hatch covers to be inspected for their watertight integrity about any joints.
  7. Ladders and access points should be inspected prior to loading for damage.
  8. Built-in lighting and guard rails to be checked.
  9. Hold ventilation system to be in operational condition.

Additional for Special Cargoes

1. Grain: Limber boards should be plugged and covered with burlap. This prevents grain blocking bilge suctions, while at the same time allowing the passage of water.

2. Coal: Spar ceiling should be removed and covered (most bulk cargoes require this).

3. Salt: Metalwork should be whitewashed.

Cargo Hold Cleaning


Cargo Hold Cleaning Equipment We can Supply:

  • Hold cleaning jet
  • cleaning kit
  • Hydro Blast
  • Nozzle kit
  • Slipcoat nozzle dual
  • Slipcoat nozzle dual
  • Vacuum kit

We also supply a wide range of Chemicals for Cargo Hold Cleaning.

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