CO2 system maintenance

International Maritime Organization imposed new rules and regulations towards maintenance and inspection of Fixed Carbon Dioxide System. Classification societies have further enhanced these regulations by implementing them as a key part of the Maintenance and Inspection Program.

Oceanlink Marine Services offers Class Approved maintenance and inspection to ensure good condition of the fixed fire extinguishing system in Australia.

Down the years we have offered the following services:

  • Flexible Hose Replacement
  • Content in Main Cylinder Checked by weighing
  • Content in Main Cylinder Checked by the liquid level indicator
  • The content of Pilot Cylinder
  • All Cylinder Clamps and Connection checking
  • UTM of cylinders
  • Manifold Tested for leakage by applying dry working air
  • Main Valve and distribution valves tested for operation
  • Overhauling of Control Valves
  • Time Delay devices checked
  • Testing of the Remote release system.
  • Pilot lines pressure tested for leakage and blockage
  • Smoke Detection System tested

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance in servicing your firefighting system.



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