We offer shipping container twist locks for shipping industry, container installations on shore and industrial purposes.

Container twist lock

Semi-automatic twist lock

Breaking Load Tension: 500 kN / Breaking Load Shear: 420 kN. Type and Test Class Approved on Request

truck twist lock

Truck twist lock

Truck twistlocks are welded into the chassis of the truck to carry shipping containers.

Manual twist lock

Manual twist lock

Manual Left or Right Locking. Type and Test Class Approved on Request

Dovetail boltable twist lock

Bolt able twist lock

Dovetail boltable twist locks for container footings. Can be bolted to the slab for solid base.

Weldable twist lock

Weldable twist lock

Dovetail Foundation below and Ocean Container ISO hole above. Manual Left Locking (Right Locking On Special order). Type and Test Class Approved on Request.

We deliver to Brisbane, Gladstone, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Fremantle.


A shipping container twist lock is the one most important component that locks shipping containers together. Containers are stacked on top of each other with the help of the twist lock and locked into place. They are also used while being transported. Variations of Twist locks include single-sided, double-sided and other configurations.

At Oceanlink Marine Services, we store a wide range of shipping container twist locks with valid class Approved certificates. Please contact us for advice and supply information.

We store and supply only industry compliant International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) approved Container Securing devices.

Twist Locks

We stock various types of Container Twist Lock and are available for sale at short notice.

  • Container Semi-Automatic Twist lock
  • Semi-Automatic Twist Lock Large Base
  • Semi-automatic twist lock
  • Container Manual Twist lock
  • Container Manual Twist Lock Large Base
  • Container Dovetail Twist lock
  • Container Dovetail Twist Lock Side Handle
  • Railroad Inter box Connectors
  • Fixed Base Manual Twist lock
  • Container Breech Base Twist lock
  • Truck Chassis Flat Bed Twist Lock.

Semi-automatic container twist locks

Semi-automatic twist Locks have the mechanism which enables them to automatically lock when the shipping container is placed on top of it. This mechanism makes the Semi-Automatic Twist lock a very popular item in the industry. Pretty much based on the same mechanism of double ended shipping containers, they connect the bottom and top corner casting holes of the containers stacked one over the other.

Specification of Semi-Automatic Twist Lock

  • breaking loads tension 500 kN / shear 420 kN
  • Approval from any classification society
  • Dual function for manual and semi-automatic mode
  • Type TL-GA/L with large resting area according to GL rules for highest pressure forces
  • Hot dip galvanized with stainless steel components
  • Closed housing
  • Upper cone marked yellow
  • Semi-automatic twist locks are also available as luxury version with an increased diameter of steel wire.
  • Cones are always forged for safety reason

Shipping Container Twist Locks

We store a wide range of shipping container twist Lock and our excellent logistic support around Australia enables us to connect the required items to International Vessels at short Notice. We understand the maritime schedule and we act accordingly by valuing every minute.

All Twist Locks’ strength and specifications are fully compatible with the International Organization for Standardization and come with valid class Approved certificates.

Container Twist Lock Supplier

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Our stockings are strategically positioned in all major container port cities.

Macgregor Twist Lock

Please contact us for Macgregor Twist Lock. With given Lead-time, we can supply Macgregor Twist Lock in Australia.

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