Shipping and handling containers can be quite tricky, which is why it is highly significant to secure them properly. If you are in the shipping or even storage industry you are well aware of the fact that container locks are a vital piece of equipment. Different locks are available, and they are made of heavy-duty materials and constructed in a way to provide support, safety, and the ease of connecting container with other structures. Dovetail twist locks are widely used for safe and easy securing of bottom containers to hatch covers. Another application of these locks is in holds where a raised socket could cause an unwanted obstruction. Dovetail twist locks are made of cast and forged steel and are hot dip galvanized. In this post, we’re going to focus on boltable and weldable dovetail twist locks.

Boltable dovetail twistlock 

Boltable dovetail twist lock

Boltable dovetail twist lock is one of the most useful container locks that make it easier to ensure the safety and protection of the containers and their contents. Boltable locks got their name because you can bolt them to any surface and they will effectively secure a shipping container in its place, prevent it from moving, and thereby protect both container and things that are in it. Although very heavy and rigid, boltable dovetail twist lock allows easy and fast connection of the container to any other structure. These locks are made to act fast and get the job done instantly, without too much fuss. When locked in the position, the direction of the handle on this type of dovetail twist lock indicates whether containers are locked and secured in place. Although the primary application of boltable dovetail twist lock is in the shipping industry, they can also work in static uses too. The lock features 16mm steel plate which is welded at the very base, and it features four holes that secure it in place and prevent any sort of movement of the lock and container. The galvanized finish adds to the quality and durability of this twist lock meaning this is a great investment.

Weldable dovetail twistlock 

Weldable dovetail twistlock

In addition to the above-described boltable twist locks, dovetail twistlocks can also be welded. So, how do they work? Weldable dovetail twist locks are typically utilized by welding the base to the existing steel or any other structure where you want to connect and secure the container. These particular twist locks have a flat base, and they also allow you to install a twist lock slipper that enables you to slide the lock-in and out of its place whenever it is necessary. This is particularly important for the cases when your goal is to maintain a lower profile when the container is not on site at that specific moment. In other words, we have the option to either slip these locks into the slipper frame or to weld them directly, depending on the needs, preferences, surface, and overall use. You can use these locks to secure and connect a container to the truck, for example. That way, the container will not move during the transportation which would otherwise cause significant damage to both container and its content. Weldable dovetail twist locks are load rated to 500kN, and just like boltable locks, they are galvanized to withstand even the most extreme conditions and environments.

Dovetail twist lock supplier

The shipping industry is continually on the rise which also increases demand for adequate ways to protect and store containers. After all, containers need safety and protection even in the harshest conditions regardless of whether they are being transported or remaining at one place. Dovetail twist locks are made to provide ease of use, ultimate safety, and practical handling. However, in order to get the most out of container lock, you do need to pay attention to the supplier you choose. Not all suppliers provide locks of equal quality. Ocean Link is the world’s leading supplier of locks thanks to the high-quality of items and their durability as well as versatility. Below, you can see the ports where we provide our dovetail twist locks.

Dovetail twist locks supplied to ports in the USA

The US contributes a great deal to world consumption, so it comes as no wonder their ocean freight industry is vital for the economy. This country has over 360 commercial ports, which is a staggering number.

We are capable of supplying twistlock to almost all ports in the continental US, including Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, Port of Seattle and Tacoma, Port of Savannah, Port of Virginia, just to name a few.

Dovetail twistlocks in Australia

Australia’s remote geographic location means the country relies heavily on the importation of various goods. We serve and supply all four major cargo centers at Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Fremantle.

We supply dovetail twistlock to ports in Romania

Ports in Romania have a significant role in the economy of this European country as they are an important factor in the import and export of many goods.

We supply the Port of Constanta, Port of Tulcea, Port of Midia, Port of Basarabi, Port of Sulina, among others in Romania. .

Boltable and manual twist locks supplied to ports in France

France has one of the strongest economies in Europe and the whole world for that matter. We serve and supply most important ports including Port le Verdon, Port Provence, Port of Bonifacio, Port St. Louis du Rhone, Port of Fos-sur-Mer, and many others.

Dovetail twistlocks at port of Hong Kong

Port of Hong Kong is located by the South China Sea, and it is considered to be one of the busiest and most efficient international container ports in the world. For instance, the port handled 19.6 million TEUs of containers in 2018, which is absolutely amazing.

Dovetail twistlocks in China

China has the world’s strongest economy right now, they ship their goods worldwide, but they also import stuff meaning their ports are busy, efficient, and numerous. Some of the busiest ports in China are Port of Shanghai, Port of Shenzhen, Port of Ningbo, Port of Qingdao, and others.

Dovetail twist locks can be bolted or welded, and in addition to the ease of use, they also prove to be incredibly practical in securing containers during shipping and in the static environment too. Ocean Link is one of the most reputable suppliers of these important locks, and our locks are found across the globe.