GMDSS Yusa Batteries

Oceanlink Marine Services specialise on supply of GMDSS maintenance free batteries as per SOLAS convention requirements.

These batteries are rechargeable and are referred to as storage batteries. These are used aboard to power onboard electrical equipment such as the VHF radio and are recharged from either the vessel’s engine, generator or through a battery charger connected to mains power. Charging the battery reverses the chemical process inside the battery so the battery can once again supply electricity.

Batteries are used in series, in parallel, or in a combination of both to achieve the voltage and the capacity that is required.

Each battery is made from several individual cells, each having a nominal voltage of 2 V. Most batteries are made from 3 or 6 cells giving a battery voltage of 6 or 12 V. These batteries are then grouped together to make a bank of the required voltage and capacity. Most vessels use 12 or 24 V for their battery bank.

Ship Battery Room

The SOLAS convention requirements

A reserve source(s) of energy to supply radio installations must be provided on every SOLAS vessel for the purposes of conducting distress and safety radio communications in the event of failure of the vessel’s main emergency sources of power. The reserve source of energy must be capable of simultaneously operating the VHF radio installations, and either the MF/HF radio installation or the INMARSAT ship’s earth station (as appropriate for ship’s sea area operation).

The capacity of the reserve source of energy should be enough to operate the installation with the highest power consumption for the appropriate period specified:

  • Ships with emergency generators: 1 Hour
  • Ships without emergency generators: 6 Hours

The batteries must be recharged to required minimums within a 10-hour period. The capacity of batteries must be checked, using an appropriate method, at intervals not to exceed 12 months.

YUASA UXL-220-2 Battery

We have a large number of 2V YUASA UXL-220-2 Batteries in stock ready to be Shipped Australia wide.

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