Instrument Calibration Services for Marine and Shipping Industry


  • Calibration of portable equipment
    - Multi-gas detectors
    - Temperature calibrator & thermometers
    - Pressure Calibrator & pressure gauges
    - UTI
    - Multimeter & electrical measuring equipment
  • Calibration of fixed equipment
    - Fixed gas detection system
    - Oil discharge monitoring system
    - 15 ppm bilge alarm
    - Tank level gauging


  • SOLAS regulation XI -1/7
  • Maker, class, and flag state approved service

Why us?

  • On-board calibration
  • On-board issuance of certificate
  • On-stop solution center for calibration services

Authorized distributor and service partner of Riken Keiki in collaboration with CEPL australia.

Contact us for the certificate.

Ports covered

  • Brisbane
  • Gladstone
  • Sydney​
  • Newcastle
  • Port Hedland
  • Perth
  • Melbourne 
  • Adelaide
  • Fremantle
  • Townsville
  • Mackay
  • Darwin
  • Port Kembla
  • Geelong

Instrument calibration service engagement

Covering all moajor Australian ports.

At Oceanlink Marine Services, we offer automation solution and instrument calibration servicing. Our calibration facility is capable of servicing the various primary and secondary instrumentation for your vessel.

We are the only service provider in Australia offering on-site calibration.

Contact us today for Automation and instrument calibration services for your vessel in Australia.

Instrument Calibration Servicing we offer


  • Dimensional Instruments
  • Electronics Instruments
  • Mechanical Instruments
  • Temperature Instruments


  • Flow
  • Force
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Torque
  • Weight
  • Vibration


Calibration services on fixed equipment

instrument calibration servicing
We offer calibration services on fixed equipment. Our technicians are competent to handle or servicing and repairs for fire detection and monitoring devices. We offer semi-annual and annual servicing for automation and instruments. Following are the fixed equipment we offer servicing on:

  • Tank level Gauging
  • Oil Discharge Monitoring System
  • High and Overfill Alarm
  • O2 Analyzer for IG System
  • 15 ppm Bilge alarm
  • Fixed Gas detection system
  • Gas sampling system
  • Breathing air compressor air quality test.

instrument calibration servicing
Calibration services on portable equipment

instrument calibration servicingAt Oceanlink Marine Services, we offer calibration of portable equipment. We offer semi-annual and annual servicing and calibration of the handheld products.

  • UTI
  • Single gas detector
  • Multi-gas detector
  • Transmitters
  • Temperature Calibrator
  • Thermometer
  • RTD
  • Thermocouple
  • Pressure gauge


Our Coverage

Brisbane, Gladstone, Sydney, Mackay, Newcastle, Kembla, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Port Hedland.