Marine coatings are essential to maritime industry, it is a term that is used for a range of coatings that helps protect the vessel from the harsh marine environment. Thereby, increasing the lifetime of your vessel and the productivity at the shipyard.

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Marine Coating Paints

The environment to which the part of the ship is exposed plays an important role in deciding the type of marine paint to be applied to that structure. The painting of the external ship has been divided into 3 regions:

Below the water line

Usually, the bottom of the ship will have a priming coat of corrosion inhibiting paint followed by an antifouling paint. Corrosion inhibiting paints are applied to reduce corrosion caused by exposure of steel to seawater. Antifouling paints are used to reduce the effects of biofouling: the growth of algae, plants, and animals on the ships hull, which decreases the ships maximum speed. Antifouling paints should not come in direct contact with the ships steel hull as it may lead to corrosion.

Above the water line

This is also known as the boot topping region which includes the hull above the water-line, interiors, deck areas, or basically all the areas above the waterline. The marine paints help in maintaining colour and finish while protecting from damage caused by harsh marine conditions such as salt spray, abrasion through cargo handling, UV radiation, hull expansion, and contraction.

marine coating

Special coatings

Ship deck and surfaces can be extremely slippery when wet in a marine environment. Anti-slip protection is necessary to protect the employees and passengers from accidents in the vessel. Additionally, the marine paint should be able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with traffic.

Wherever aluminum superstructures have been fitted, marine grade zinc chromate paints are applied. Under no circumstance should lead-based paints to be applied to aluminum surfaces.

Types of marine paints

It is important to protect your vessel with consistent maintenance by using the best quality paint products. The following will give you a brief understanding of each type of paint.

Antifouling Paints

It is essential to use antifouling paints to protect your boat from biofouling agents such as barnacles, weeds, and slime which built up on your hull over time causing a decreasing the maximum speed of your vessel.

Topcoat finishes

This paint coating is used for the hull, deck, interior and bilge to deliver durable, safe solutions that will stand the test of time. This includes durability in extreme weather, gloss retention and UV resistance.


This is designed to protect timber/wood against moisture, alcohol spills, detergents and other harsh elements. This tough, flexible and long-lasting coating also expands and contracts with changing weather conditions.


The first complete coat of paint which helps seal and protect bare substrates above and below the waterline. It is designed to fill imperfections and form a binding layer for smoother application of paint to the surface.

SIGMA Coating

Sigma paint australia

SIGMA coating is a brand of PPG. We offer high-quality coating and paint of SIGMA.

Other specialist manufacturers of the highest quality marine grade paints and surface coatings include Hempel, Nor glass, Jotun, Dulux among other top known marine paint supply companies.

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