Oceanlink Marine electrical and automation services offer comprehensive engineering services for marine power generation, power distribution, automation control of Main Engine, Auxiliary Engine, Machinery, and Boiler.

Marine automation

Marine Industry heavily relies on automation systems. From Safety of Navigation to unloading of cargos, all types of machinery employed are equipped with automation systems.

Marine automation engineer
Marine electrical

Our team of Marine Industry experienced Power and automation Engineers offer 24/7 – maintenance and repair services to below automation systems onboard Commercial vessels in Australia:

  •       Main Engine, Aux. Engine, and Boiler Instrumentation and Control
  •       Electrical troubleshooting of Main generators and Emergency Generators
  •       Troubleshooting of Motors
  •       Electrical control system service of Cranes and winches.
  •       Service of Alarm and Monitoring Systems
  •       Electrical and Electronic Repairs at the control and component level
  •       Gas Alarms and Analysers
  •       Calibration of monitoring equipment
  •       PLC and PCB Repair
  •       ICCP System
  •       Inert Gas system – Control and Automation
  •       MCB issues
  •       ACB servicing and testing for performance

Marine electrical and automation

The evolution of Marine Systems heavily relies upon Marine electrical and automation. It plays a vital part in vessel safety as well.

We offer a wide range of marine electrical and automation services ensuring your system is well maintained, safe, and reliable.

Control and automation of electrical power distribution systems

Electrical power generated onboard the vessels is controlled and automated precisely to ensure maximum efficiency. The system utilizes PLC and SCADA for automation of the power distribution system and avoidance of major outages by providing maximum safety of the system.

Electrical engineering and automation

Our Marine electrical and Power engineers are highly skilled in providing engineering services and solutions to your system. Automation of main and auxiliary machinery is checked, serviced, and maintained as per the maker’s instruction.

Marine electrical maintenance and automation

Power generation Systems relying on automation are required to be serviced and maintained for optimum performance. We offer maintenance services, ensuring your onboard systems are working just fine.

For more information on the above service, please contact +61731362500 ( 24 hrs hotline ) or e-mail info@oceanlink.net.au.