Marine Electrician in Brisbane

Marine Electrician in Brisbane

Oceanlink Marine Services offer a wide range of onboard service and support for all categories of vessels.

We have a pool of most experienced electrical and electronic marine equipment repairer with vast experience in the Maritime industry.

We offer the following services:

  • Cabling works on high voltage, medium voltage & low voltage cable.
  • Cabling works on normal power, control, and instrumentation cables
  • Oil Rig Cantilever & Drill Floor and Machinery systems
  • DP 2 & 3 electrical systems
  • Installation of high and low voltage transformers
  • Installation of all types of switchboards and other electrical panels and devices, and;
  • Fabrication & installation of electrical outfitting works such as cable ladder installation, secondary brackets, MCTs, lightings.
  • Generator / Alternator Troubleshooting / Repair
  • Alarm System Troubleshooting / Repair
  • Control Panel / Main Switch Board Troubleshooting & Fabrication

We provide services in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth along with other major ports in Australia.

Contact us today for quick assistance.

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