An emergency generator is the emergency source of power in case of failure of the main power system. 

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), classifies deficiency of Emergency generator as one of the most common SOLAS issues often causing the vessel to be detained.

At Oceanlink, we can assist with Marine Electrical and Automation Engineer to rectify the reported fault ensuring your SOLAS item is ready at all times ensuring the vessel is compliant at all times.

Marine Emergency Generator

We are available 24/7  to attend and troubleshoot any emergency generator fault.

For service engagement, please contact +61731362500 ( 24 hrs hotline ) or e-mail

Marine Emergency Generator Checks

Port State Control, AMSA advises to check the marine emergency generators regularly and before an inspection:

  • The emergency generator starts smoothly
  • Starting systems and batteries are in good condition
  • The onboard crew is familiar with the system.
  • When running, the generator supplies the right voltage and frequency.
  • The safety management system includes the above steps for regular checks.