Troubleshooting and Repair of Marine E/R Overhead Crane

Overhead Crane Engineroom

Oceanlink Marine Services specialize in troubleshooting and repair of overhead cranes. Over the years our approved technicians have solved various problems on Overhead Cranes.

Engine Room Overhead cranes are an important part of the Engine Room and in some instances, Maintenance on Main Engine is impossible without the assistance of the cranes. We understand the importance of such and provide perfect assistance.


Overhead Crane Engineroom

Overhead Crane Fault Finding

Based on our stats, most of the times the root cause of overhead crane is down electrical faults.

Some of the common issues are Faulty overload Relay, Faulty Connection, Short-Circuiting, Faulty Motor, and Blown Fuses.


Oceanlink Marine Services procure and supply a wide range of spares required for repair of Cranes. We stock spares for all major makers and can assist you straight away.

AMSA Approved Electrician

We have AMSA Approved Electricians in our team with a proven track record in the Maritime Industry.  For any electrial work, we always send our AMSA approved electricain and we specialize at getting the job done.




Boat Books, Nautical Charts, Publications and Instruments in Australia

boat books

At Oceanlink Marine Services, we offer boat books, nautical charts, publications, and instruments to the commercial vessels and Off-shore Industry in Australia.

Contact us today for boat books and nautical charts.

Our range of Boat books, charts, and publication supplies


Oceanlink Marine Services has been supplying nautical charts, publications, and instruments to the commercial vessels and Off-shore Industry.

Paper Charts:

  • Admiralty standard nautical and thematic charts (UKHO)
  • Singapore nautical charts and dual badge charts
  • Australian and New Zealand nautical charts
  • Japanese nautical charts


Admiralty Publications:

  • Admiralty Sailing Direction
  • Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals
  • Admiralty List of Radio Signals
  • Admiralty Tide Tables
  • Admiralty Tidal Streams Atlases
  • Admiralty Co-Tidal Atlases
  • Admiralty Notice to Mariner
  • Admiralty Distance Tables
  • The Mariners Hand Book
  • Admiralty Sight Reduction Tables


Digital Charts and Publications:

  • AVCS – The Admiralty Vector Chart Service
  • ARCS – The Raster Admiralty Vector Chart Service
  • ENCS – Electronic navigational chart Service
  • TADS – Transas Admiralty Data Service
  • ADP – Admiralty Digital Publications

Admiralty charts Australia

Others Publications, equipment, signs, and posters

  • IMO publications
  • ICS / OCIMF / ISF / Nautical Institute publications
  • Chart instruments, sextants, binoculars, compasses, GPS receivers, ship’s clocks, and barometers, etc.
  • IMO signs and posters