HVAC Services for marine and shipping industry.

we provide fully competent and certified hvac techcinans for
on-board repair and maintenance of refrigerator & air con plant.

Troubleshooting of HVAC and  refrigeration plant

Leakage detection and repair

Brazing of refrigerant lines

Recovery and recharge of refrigerant

Compressor overhaul

Replacing of compressor: Semi-hermatic, open type, hermetic scroll type, and scre type

Service ports: Brisbane, Gladstone, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Fremantle.

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At Oceanlink Marine Services, we offer qualified Refrigeration and Air-conditioning technician for Marine and Shipping industry.

For the comfort of the ship’s staff, the marine air conditioner and refer unit needs to be kept in its best shape. Our Refrigeration and Air-conditioning technicians are stationed Australia wide for prompt attendance. Our technicians have vast experience in the maintenance and servicing of marine refrigeration systems on board vessel.

Our technicians are fully aware of the IMO regulations relevant to use of Ozone depleting substances on board vessels.

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Qualified Marine Refrigeration and Air-conditioning technician (HVAC)

Marine Refrigeration and Air-conditioning technicianOur technicians are specifically trained for Plants installed in the Marine industry and are well aware of the system. Our technician can troubleshoot both mechanical and electrical aspects of chillers, refrigeration, cooling units prior to Factory Acceptance Testing.


Marine Refrigeration and Air-conditioning services we offer:

  • Provision plant Maintenance and Servicing.
  • Accommodation AC Maintenance and Servicing.
  • ECR and Bridge AC Maintenance and Servicing.
  • Portable AC Maintenance and Servicing.
  • Cooler Cleaning.
  • Re-gassing.
  • Leak repairs.
  • Mechanical repairs.


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