Load Test Inspection

Load test inspection

Load test inspection to Marine and offshore industry in Australia.

fully competent and certified to carry out annual and 5-yearly crane and lifting gear inspections and load tests as per ILO 152.

Lifeboat and Rescue boat davits

Cargo Cranes

Deck handling cranes

Engine room cranes

Provision cranes

Gangways and Accommodation Ladders

Offshore equipment

Load test inspection

Service ports: Brisbane, Gladstone, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Fremantle.

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OceanLink Marine Services provides on-site Load test inspection and crane services along with wide range of certified test equipment and services to carry out load test in Australia. Load testing, an important factor to determine the safety and proof testing along with certification for all types of cranes and lifting equipment based on the mandatory requirements for Marine class standards.

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Periodic and 5-Yearly inspection

Oceanlink Marine Services offer 5-yearly crane and lifting gear inspections, load testing, the supply of water bags, and cargo gear endorsements in Australia. We are aware of the Class and Flag requirements and offer complaint solution.

We employ industry experienced engineers with expertise in troubleshooting cranes and lifting equipment.

We are fully competent and certified to carry out annual and 5-yearly crane and lifting gear inspections and load tests as per ILO 152.

Load Test
Proof load test inspection Services

We provide following load test services up to 200 Tones and test certificate for the following ship equipment.

  • Deck Crane Load test
  • Provision crane Load test inspection
  • Engine Room Overhead crane
  • Life Boat Davits
  • Rescue Boat Davits
  • Gangway Load test

Throughout our network, we can deploy our experienced Marine Engineers and all the equipment needed for just about any load testing job, anywhere in Australia.

Our inspection service includes:

  • Certification and maintenance record – review.
  • Inspection of steel structure / loose gears.
  • Inspection and function testing of drive components.
  • Checking and adjustment of electric and electronic settings.
  • Checking and adjustment of hydraulic parameters.
  • Full crane function test, ramping time & speed adjustments
  • Measuring the leak-oil amount.
  • Measuring axial clearance of slewing bearing.
  • Carry out miscellaneous repair as necessary.

Load Test Equipment Rental

We provide crane load test equipment rental, such as

  • Water Bags, range from up to 50 Ton
  • Load cell, up to 50 Ton
  • Load Shackle
  • Lifting Wires
  • Chain Blocks
  • Lever Blocks
  • And accessories.


Load test inspection Standards and Regulations

We adhere to the following regulations

AMSA Marine Order 32 (Cargo handling equipment) 2016

AMSA Marine order 32 prescribes matters for machinery and equipment that belong to a vessel and are used for loading or unloading the vessel, including inspection, testing, maintenance and operation; and gives effect to those parts of the following instruments of the International Labour Organization that apply to machinery, appliances and equipment that belong to a vessel and are used for loading or unloading the vessel.

DNV-GL Standard for shipboard lifting appliances

This standard provides requirements for certification and verification of lifting appliances intended for load handling within and outside vessel while in the harbor or in sheltered waters and within the vessel while at sea.


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Service ports: Brisbane, Gladstone, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Fremantle.

Underwater Hull Inspection in Australia

underwater hull inspection

Underwater Services for commercial vessels in Australia and New Zealand


  • In-water surveys with CCTV video and footage
  • Underwater inspection in lieu of dry docking UWILD
  • Bio-security inspection for MPI NZ
  • Hull cleaning, prop polishing, sea chest cleaning
  • Valve-plugging


  • Fully compliant to local and international standards
  • Hull cleaning is conducted complaince with MPI standards allowing vessels to enter New Zealand.

Why us

  • We are fully aware of the existing local and regulatory standards when it comes to underwater services.
  • Fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution
  • Hull cleaning for MPI regulation - we have conducted 8 successfull hull cleaning operation to date. 
  • Our workforce is dedicated towards allowing your vessel continue its commercial operation without delays.

In the last 12 months, we have successfully assisted 28 vessels with -

  • 10 IWS

  • 5 UWILD

  • 5 Underwater valve plugging

  • 8 Hull cleaning

Ports covered

  • Brisbane
  • Gladstone
  • Sydney​
  • Newcastle
  • Port Hedland
  • Perth
  • Melbourne 
  • Adelaide
  • Fremantle
  • Townsville
  • Mackay
  • Darwin
  • Port Kembla
  • Geelong

Underwater service engagement

Covering all moajor Australian ports.

At Oceanlink Marine Services, we offer underwater hull inspection to Domestic and international vessels of all sizes and construction. IACS approved partner diving teams are located in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Mackay, Adelaide, Fremantle, and Perth.

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Underwater Hull Inspection Services in Australia

OceanLink Marine Services provides cost-effective and quality underwater inspection to the offshore and marine industry.

We are fully compliant to local and international safety and health standards, and our team of professional tenders, divers, dive supervisors, diver medical technicians, and other support personnel are dedicated to safety and getting the job done right.

Our Diving teams are approved by various international classification societies (IACS) to conduct these surveys. Our diving teams are strategically located around Australia,  allowing us to mobilize to your location without any delays. 

We assure that UWILD & IWS services will be conducted professionally and efficiently compliant with respective IACS requirements. Our collaboration with the attending IACS surveyor makes the whole operation smooth and effective.

All our drivers are certified in accordance with the Commercial diving Code of Practice.

Why Underwater Hull Inspection in Lieu of Dry-Docking (UWILD) and In-Water Surveys (IWS)?

UWILD and IWS are required to ensure the Operational and Structural integrity of the vessel throughout its lifetime.

UWILD and IWS with our diving team ensure the following:

Reducing Downtime

Mitigating off-hire time

Eliminating the need for expensive Dry Docking

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Marine Electrical Services and Solutions

Marine Electrical Services

Oceanlink Marine Services conducts onboard marine electrical services with AMSA approved marine electrical Engineers. Our AMSA approved marine electricians are specifically trained to troubleshoot all electrical faults onboard ships. Safety comes first to us and we ensure maximum safety of personnel and crew onboard.

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Marine electrical service we offer

Services we provide include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Generator / Alternator troubleshooting and repair
  • Alarm system troubleshooting and repair
  • Troubleshooting of MSB and control panel
  • Full Electrical System Support
  • Power distribution maintenance
  • Overhaul and rewinding of Motor
  • Supply of Motors
  • In Situ Cleaning of windings
  • Motor Fault Finding
  • Transformer Repairs
  • Alternator Repairs and Servicing
  • UPS/ Battery system support and maintenance
  • HV/LV Testing
  • Lighting system maintenance and installation
  • All types of services on Fire Alarms and critical Electrical Circuit
  • Cabling works on high voltage, medium voltage & low voltage cable.
  • Cabling works on normal power, control, and instrumentation cables
  • Oil Rig Cantilever & Drill Floor and Machinery systems
  • DP 2 & 3 electrical systems
  • Installation of high and low voltage transformers
  • Installation of all types of switchboards and other electrical panels and devices, and;
  • Fabrication & installation of electrical outfitting works such as cable ladder installation, secondary brackets, MCTs, lightings.

Marine Electrical Motor Supply

Oceanlink Marine Services specialize in the prompt supply of Electric Motors for Marine and Shipping industry in Australia.

We stock a wide range of Electric Motors in different parts of the country and our logistic infrastructure enables us to supply motors to your vessel on the urgent/non-urgent basis.

Marine electric motor

Motor Rewinding

Our workshop facility allows us to provide Electric Motor Re-Winding Services. We do all sorts of modification to fit different standards and shaft sizes.

Motor rewinding Marine electrical services

AMSA Approved Marine Electricians

With our pool of Experienced AMSA Approved Technicians, we deploy only experienced approved/qualified electrical engineers.

Ports of Operation

Mackay, Brisbane, Port of Newcastle, Port Botany, Sydney, Melbourne, Port of Geelong, Adelaide, Perth, Fremantle.

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