OceanLink Marine Services is ready to meet all ship repair services and conversion requirements of the marine and offshore industry.

All our materials and welders are Class accredited and available for prompt engagement around the country.

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Steel Repair Services

Repair ServicesOceanlink Marine Services is committed to serving customers by providing high-quality steel repair services.

Prefabrication and installation of steel construction

We specialize in prefabrication of steel construction/ship structure in our workshop and later to be installed onboard the vessel.

Installation of Container Lashing Platform

Repair / Mobilization of Cargo Securing installations

Deck Equipment

Our team of repairers are well equipped and experienced in modification, repair or installation of hatch covers and Ramps.


Mechanical equipment and repair services

Repair Services

Mechanical repair Services we Offer, but not limited to:

  • Full range of services on Main Engine, Auxiliary engines, and all other engine room mechanical components along with the supply of required spares.
  • Engine Automation Servicing.
  • Engine Room safety Equipment services.
  • Engine Room Emergency item repairs and servicing.
  • Installation and calibration of the monitoring system of various applications.
  • Instrumentation and Meter Calibration.
  • Repair and servicing of Boiler along with fabrication, cleaning, and troubleshooting of boiler control and automation.
  • Economizer services.
  • Fabrication & installation of high/low-pressure piping
  • Valves installation and servicing.
  • Overhaul and testing of fuel system equipment
  • Repair and servicing of various hydraulic systems and associated controllers/ distributors.

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