At Oceanlink Marine Services, we offer industry regulation compliant Magnet for Pilot Ladder and accommodation ladder to enhance safety for boarding of pilots.

We supply Yellow Magnet and Blue box suction pad all over Australia. Please contact us with your vessel name, port of delivery and other requirement and we will follow up accordingly.

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Magnet for Pilot Ladder and Blue box (Suction Pad) accommodation Ladder

Oceanlink Marine Services offer Yellow magnet for Pilot Ladder and Blue box for Accommodation ladder when used in conjugation with the pilot ladder.

Yellow Magnet for Pilot Ladder

The Hull/Yellow magnets are designed and developed specifically to enhance safety standard for boarding of pilots by providing removable anchor points for the pilot ladders.

Magnet for pilot ladderSpecification:

Magnets are lightweight.

No internal moving parts or entry for sea water

400Kg of Gripping Power

N42 Grade Magnet

Flexible Base and Magnet Mount

Stainless Steel for tie off.

Blue box (Suction Pad)

The Blue Box suction pad is used to secure the bottom of the accommodation ladder to the ship’s hull and ensuring firm resting of accommodation ladder. It is a requirement to use Blue box when the accommodation ladder is used in the conjugation of Pilot ladder.

Blue box for pilot ladder


Blue box operates with the use of deck service air.

The box is non-ferrous and corrosion resistant.

Light Weight

Pressure range of 25 to 102 PSI

Easy to handle

Pilot ladder requirements

Amendments to the international convention for the safety of life at sea, 1974, as amended / Resolution MSC.308 (88), clearly specifies the requirements of Pilot Ladder Arrangements in Chapter V (Safety of Navigation).

The resolution was adopted in 2010 in order to enhance the safety standards arrangements related to pilot transfer.


Changes to Pilot Transfer Arrangements:

Resolution corresponding to New-built vessels:

The following points sum up the requirements for new-built vessels:

  • Mechanical Hoists not to be used.
  • Changes to the ladder construction
  • Guidelines for the arrangement of the accommodation ladder in conjugation with the pilot ladder to enhance the safety of transfer arrangements.
  • The safe approach of the pilot boat.
  • Pilot ladder winch reel.


Resolution corresponding vessels in operation:

The following points sum up the requirements for vessels in operation:

  • Mechanical Hoists not to be used.
  • No changes to other existing installations.
  • Modification of existing arrangements to comply with the new requirements.
  • Pilot transfer doors shall not open outwards.


Securing the accommodation ladder:

In case of new-built vessels, the regulation states that the requirement of securing of lower platform of the accommodation ladder, when used as the pilot ladder or in the conjugation of pilot ladder. This can be done by the utilization of permanent connection point in the ship’s hull or a blue box suction pad.


AMSA guideline for Pilot Transfer Arrangement

The idea behind AMSA guideline is to draw the attention of shipowners, operators, masters, pilot providers and pilots to amendments to SOLAS Chapter V/23 Requirements for pilot transfer arrangements; and IMO Resolution A.1045(27) which provides additional recommendations regarding pilot transfer arrangements.


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