Oceanlink Marine Services is an ISO certified ship chandler and supplier in Australia. We offer general ship supplies to vessels calling Australian ports or transiting Australia.

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We are a leading ship chandler in Australia and we offer quality industry compliant products to fulfill our client’s needs.

Ship Chandlery

We are a leading ship chandler in Australia and we offer quality industry compliant products to fulfill our client’s needs. We possess an excellent marine industry-based ecosystem supply chain and able to provide the maximum assistance you with:

Electrical Supplies

  • Navigation Lights
  • Flashing Lights
  • Marine Cable
  • Lambs and Bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Searchlights
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Switches and Relays
  • Air Horns
  • Heating Elements
  • Antennas and Accessories
  • Test Instrument
  • Electric Motors
  • Battery Chargers

Technical Supplies

Provision and Bond Store

  • Fresh & Chilled
  • Frozen
  • Dry
  • Asian & Specialities

    Ship Chandler Provision List – Contact us today for our Chandler/Provision list.

Engine Store, Deck Store, Cabin Store, and Stationary

Marine Safety Equipment

  • Lifejacket Light and Whistle.
  • Immersion Suit Light and Whistle
  • Lifeboat/Bridge Pyrotechnics
  • Food Ration
  • Equipment for Lifeboats, Rescue boats and Liferafts.
  • Hand flairs
  • Rocket Parachute
  • Buoyant Smoke Signal
  • Man overboard Signal
  • Lifebuoy
  • SART

Charts and publications

Paper Charts:

  • Admiralty standard nautical and thematic charts (UKHO)
  • Singapore nautical charts and dual badge charts
  • Australian and New Zealand nautical charts
  • Japanese nautical charts

Admiralty Publications:

  • Admiralty Sailing Direction
  • Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals
  • Admiralty List of Radio Signals
  • Admiralty Tide Tables
  • Admiralty Tidal Streams Atlases
  • Admiralty Co-Tidal Atlases
  • Admiralty Notice to Mariner
  • Admiralty Distance Tables
  • The Mariners Hand Book
  • Admiralty Sight Reduction Tables

Digital Charts and Publications:

  • AVCS – The Admiralty Vector Chart Service
  • ARCS – The Raster Admiralty Vector Chart Service
  • ENCS – Electronic navigational chart Service
  • TADS – Transas Admiralty Data Service
  • ADP – Admiralty Digital Publications


Others Publications, equipment, signs, and posters

  • IMO publications
  • ICS / OCIMF / ISF / Nautical Institute publications
  • Chart instruments, sextants, binoculars, compasses, GPS receivers, ship’s clocks, and barometers, etc.
  • IMO signs and posters

Our coverage in Australia

With our warehouses located in Brisbane, Gladstone, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, we can offer maximum assistance to your requirements in Australia.